Photo Friday- The one with the BEST shoe coordination ever!

March 20, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

SO,  things have been moving along here in the lovely state of Florida.  the weather is hot and winter seems like something reserved to everywhere else but here,  spring is just a word and summer seems to be the perpetual season.  i'm still trying to decide how i feel about that.


Thankfully, I'm heading out to Colorado in a few weeks.  As much as everyone there is tired of the cold, i, myself can't wait to wear a sweater or jacket again.  days upon days of tank tops gets old, you know?  well, maybe you don't but for this cold weather loving lady, it does!


as for my fellow coloradoans, if you didn't get my email about coming out, let me know!  i would love to meet up with you all and say hi.  i miss you and that amazing state.  i'm so stinkin' excited.  :)


and with that...




**taken at fox run park, colorado springs








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