Photo friday- the one with that perfect fall night

February 21, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

SO, the week is over!  phew.  i have to admit, these past few weeks have just been awful for me health wise.  some terrible things happened that landed me in the hospital. and that has made me have to re-evaluate everything in my life.  after much pondering, i have concluded that being a wife, a mom and a photographer are the priorities in my life.  i'm nothing if i'm not those three things.  so with that, i am moving forward with my new found determination to become healthy again and be  better with those said priorities!  got to love health scares to help show you what's important in life! 


but on to this amazingly beautiful family!  this is the second year i've been privileged to photograph them.  i admit, i'm a sucker for this family and would drop probably anything and everything just to photograph them again.  lindsey (the gorgeous mother) is also an incredible photographer who thankfully let's me go out and play with her from time to time.  she, in fact, took some of my most prized pictures of my husband and myself.  got to love photographer friends!  :)


this evening could not have been more perfect.  the weather, the fall golden light, the location, those adorable children with amazing blue eyes,  gorgeous, model perfect parents.  this is why i do what i do.  i get to surround myself with beautiful beings that make my heart swell with happiness.


want to see their first photo session? (trust me, you do.) go {HERE}.



it's going to be just a beautiful weekend!


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